Please leave even car repairs to Hattori Motors.

Skilled staff, make the firm repair not only on the surface.

Domestic car We accept of course also repair General of the old car.

There are also deals service using used parts and reproduction parts of the automobile.

In our company, at the time of taking over, such as repair and sheet metal, we can not go a wrecker service.

Please feel free to contact us.


I want to run or as much the car was sleeping also previously in the garage !

I want to again ride in together enjoyed the car the youth !

Of such customers wishes, we will answer Hattori Motors as possible.

There is a “MAZDA Carroll 360″ and “Subaru 360″, such as yesteryear old car construction case.

キャロル360 スバル360

reフリーダイヤル 0120-34-1323 まで。お電話お待ちしております。