Car in modern society is now in existence that is very close contact with the living.

Such as commuting, drop off and pick up, shopping, travel and has been active in various scenes.

Useful life also is the premise that the car is moving properly.

Once you go berserk and you and your family, and you do not could lead to that it deprives even the lives of others.

“Faster, cheaper” it is also but is important,

Also that of the car that has deposited the precious life not think worse than try using a vapor.

Please tell anything even a small defect.

Staff of Hattori Motors will do the maintenance of the car to the “kindness polite”.

To those who have been your request the inspection, we have indoor cleaning, car wash, of course oil exchange (high grade) and free service.


Hattori Motors of inspection is, by no means only of vehicle inspection for passing the inspection.


The general inspection, it is that you can either be whether the inspection meets the “safety standards” as stipulated in the “Road Trucking Vehicle Law”.

Speaking to extreme, it is not able to pass as long as it meets the criteria only “that time” that the inspection.

The so-called “pass only of vehicle inspection” will be able to dispense with affordable price, but if me out the need to replace the consumables that were not replaced during vehicle inspection after inspection, it becomes rather painful spending.

In Hattori Motors, and to accurately determine the risk from damage condition of consumables in the professional eye, and I want to present your plan to consider the safety and economic efficiency of your car.

指定自動車整備事業 の看板

All cars will become a very number and carry out the inspection at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Therefore, there is a necessary equipment for the motor vehicle inspection for streamlining of vehicle inspection, we have a designated factory where it is recognized that there are car inspector.

Generally, “Specify automobile maintenance business” is where it is referred to as a “private vehicle inspection field”, can vehicle inspection even at weekends, because they have the inspection line of vehicle inspection in-house.

In other words, there is no need to bring the vehicle to the Land Transport Office to check for compliance with safety standards.


From the above, when a vehicle inspection at Hattori Motors has such merit.

  • 1.There is no loss of time to bring your car to the Land Transport Office, etc.
  • 2.You can cut such personnel expenses to bring to the Land Transport Office, etc.
  • 3.There is no attendant risk of accident or the like at the time of bringing

Skilled staff will develop properly your car. Please feel free to contact us.


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